imagerie 3d

Specialist in the supply of 2D / 3D imaging systems and services

Quantificare, is the specialist in the provision of 2D and 3D imaging systems and services with over 20 years of experience in state-of-the-art medical imaging solutions. A pioneer in providing image centralization solutions for clinical trials, Quantificare was one of the first companies to develop a portable, condensed 3D imaging system, 3d photography equipment for standardized image acquisition.

Innovative solutions for healthcare professionals

Quantificare’s goal is to turn innovative ideas into innovative solutions for healthcare professionals. Quantificare, a spin-off from INRIA, the world-renowned French research institute for computer science and automation, currently offers two distinct types of activities. On the one hand, services to contract research organizations (CROs) in skin imaging, biotechnology, medical devices and cosmetics. On the other, 3D imaging systems and tools dedicated to practicing surgeons, aesthetic specialists and dermatologists.

Since 2001, it has been developing complete ranges of 3D cameras, including a three-dimensional camera for facial or chest reconstruction, which enables simulations to be carried out before and after patient operations.

3D medical skin imaging

Thanks to these two areas of its activity, Quantificare offers an all-inclusive system to professionals in 3D medical skin imaging. Research and technology are at the heart of the company’s preoccupations, with major R&D efforts to develop ever more innovative technologies as part of its collaboration with Inria. The head office is based in France and numerous subsidiaries have been opened in North America, Asia and Latin America with more than 100 employees worldwide. It is now posting double-digit growth across more than 60 countries.